The Blessing of Persecution

For the Christian, persecution is a good sign. I know I’m living that Blessed life when I’m living the persecuted life. But what’s critical about this passage is that it’s persecution for the right reason. It’s the persecution that comes from shining the light of Christ in a dark world. That kind of persecution, Jesus promises, comes with a great reward and will always end well—always!

Happy Are the Unhappy

True blessing comes in a way you would never expect—and never choose. That’s because mourning is the pathway to true blessing. To understand this beatitude, I need a sound theology of mourning: mourning over personal sin and mourning over public sin. And I need a sound theology of comfort. Then together we will see that the power and absolute beauty of the gospel is that only those who mourn will truly receive comfort!

Let the Blessing Begins

Are you desperate for blessing, for happiness, yet you search in vain? Well today’s message has the answer you’ve been seeking: the life that God blesses is contained in the Beatitudes—or the attitudes in which the Christian is suppose to be. Here we find the imperishable source of happiness, of blessing, in Jesus Christ. Now that’s how you let the blessing begin!

Reformation: Five Hundred - Faith Alone

The material principle of the Reformation is found in Romans 5:1. This is the principle of Faith which is the cornerstone of Christianity. It is the key that unlocks all the other Solas. Without faith, it is impossible to please God : we can never earn his favour or forgiveness by works. Only by faith in Christ, are we justified and deemed righteous in the sight of God.

Reformation: Five Hundred - Grace Alone

The incredible truth of the gospel message hinges on the amazing gift of grace. By grace, we have been saved - and this is not something to be earned but is a gift freely given by God and received through faith! By the 16th century, this truth had been discarded and replaced by the belief that grace must be earned. The Reformation was a pivotal church history in order to turn eyes and hearts back to the foundations of the Christian faith, and to Grace Alone.

Reformation: Five Hundred - Christ Alone

This week's message continues in our study of that remarkable and historic event in the history of the Protestant Church - the Reformation. Pastor Robbie turns our attention to the next of the Five Solas - Solo Cristo or 'Christ Alone'. Listen as we explore why Solo Christo has often been referred to as the 'linchpin' of the Five Solas. In Christ Alone, salvation is found and this truth is foundational to our faith.

Reformation: Five Hundred - Scripture Alone

500 years ago, a great revolution of spiritual renewal and revival occurred throughout Europe. This was the time of the Reformation and its impact is still felt today. It is important not only to remember what took place but to also be reminded how this time in history continues to influence how we as Christians are to walk forward in our faith, guarding the precious message and powerful truth of the gospel: the key to eternal life. We begin this in study of the Five Solas with the first: Sola Scriptura -Scripture Alone.


God Speaks Through Me

Yes, God speaks through his people, but how does God choose whom He will use to spread His word? How can we become more of a vessel for His grace and power and less a vessel for the sins of this world? Sin is insidious and has many guises: there’s hidden sin, presumptuous sin and enslaving sin… all equally threatening. David teaches us how to tell the difference between these sins, how to watch for them, and how to ask the Lord for the freedom from guilt by the grace of surrender. Let Him be your rock and your redeemer!

God Speaks Through His Word

Where are you looking for your treasure? If you’re searching in this world for more to make you happy—more money, more power, more titles, more trinkets—you’ll never find them. Real treasure is found in one place alone… God. God reveals Himself through His Word… and it’s simply all you need. The only place you need to find the answers you seek, the joy that comes from understanding, the wonder that comes from amazement, the peace of mind that comes from obedience to His message, is in His Book!