The Gospel is My Purpose

Heart check time! Take a moment and ask yourself—and really think about it—what is my purpose? Is my purpose driven by earthly longings? If it is, it's time to hear God's truth again today as we delve into Acts 26:12-29. As believers in Jesus Christ, we're so blessed to have and hold a purpose of infinite satisfaction, where the gospel is our centre and making disciples our main goal. God wants to use you! Time to start living a gospel-centred life!

Start Here: For Integrity

Integrity has been defined as "who you are when nobody is watching". Employees tell us that above all, integrity is the single most important characteristic in a leader. The world appreciates integrity, but it is deeply valued by God. The Lord gave us Jesus, the perfect picture of integrity. It is the foundation that allows us to trust in God without wavering. Today, Pastor Robbie examines Psalm 26 and living a life of integrity.

Start Here: To Be Satisfied

Psalm 16 reveals the key to the life of true contentment. Through David's complete dependence on and his intimate relationship with God, he has discovered confidence and peace. This results from a heart that is totally surrendered to the Lord and a life devoted to pursuing Him first above all things. Jesus tells us in Mattew 5:6 'Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied". Seek first Christ and his righteousness and find the satisfied life!

Start Here: To Be Blessed

When this world is in the midst of confusion, chaos and anxiety, the Psalms deliver clarity, conviction and the peace of God. Psalm 1 in particular, provides us with God's blueprint to the life of incredible blessing. Do you find that the challenges of everyday life have become a distraction from the Lord? Find the roadmap to the blessed life, beginning here in Psalm 1!

Made New and Over the Moon

In the last in our series Made New, studying 2 Corinthians 5, Paul again reminds us of the incredible and undeserved truth that is the Gospel for believers... and we can't be anything but absolutely thrilled. When we're faced with the awesome reality that we have been regenerated and made new because of Jesus Christ, we're reconciled to God because of Jesus Christ, and we're bestowed Jesus' righteousness in place of our filthy sin—we can't help but be over the moon!

Made New and Motivated

Time for a heart check as we continue in our Made New series examining 2 Corinthians 5. Ask yourself honestly: what motivates you? To be motivated is to be moved, Paul tells us. Instead of being motivated by the fear of man, we need to be motivated by a fear of the Lord, motivated within opposition, motivated by our love for Christ, and motivated by a new ambition. He made us His ambition. Shouldn't we make Him our ambition?

Made New Means I Can See

Today, we continue our study of 2 Corinthians 5, focusing on God's wisdom on how we define the concept of 'newness'. In verses 6 to 10, Paul reminds us that believers must "live by faith not by sight." Even through the storm, we are not alone because the Holy Spirit gives us the incredible gift of faith. If we have faith, and make our lives count, purposing to please Him, we will see clearly... and live clearly.

Made New and Groaning

Welcome to the first in a new 4-part series that delves deep into the wisdom of God's Word from 2 Corinthians 5, where we stop to consider the concept of 'newness'. Humans tend to love all that is 'new'—but it's the wrong 'new' we search for in this temporary world. In today's passage, we learn about accepting the 'tents' (aka our bodies) that house us during our time here on earth, and remembering how much more God has planned for us in our eternal Home, Heaven. The older we get, the closer we get to seeing Him face-to-face!

Let Me Tell You a Story of Pride vs Humility

With today's message, we reach the end of our series Let Me Tell You a Story, which has concentrated on the life-changing, metaphorical parables shared by Jesus but unique to the Gospel of Luke. In what is perhaps our most important lesson in our series, today's parable deals with the ages-old issue of pride versus humility—a common conflict throughout Scripture—and begs what may be the most essental heart-check question: are you broken and devasted by your sin? Or is pride and love of self destroying you? The Lord demands humility. Is that you today?

Let Me Tell You a Story of Persevering Prayer

Today, we continue our growth and learning about the parables preached by Jesus, unique to the Gospel of Luke. Our lesson this time, through the story of the persistant widow and the reluctant judge, is that we must never, ever dismiss the incredible power of persistent prayer. Take to heart the truth that our God does not tire of our incessant prayer—rather, He delights in our humility. Pray often, and pray hard!