Start Here: To Be Blessed

When this world is in the midst of confusion, chaos and anxiety, the Psalms deliver clarity, conviction and the peace of God. Psalm 1 in particular, provides us with God's blueprint to the life of incredible blessing. Do you find that the challenges of everyday life have become a distraction from the Lord? Find the roadmap to the blessed life, beginning here in Psalm 1!

God Wants to Speak Through Me

Yes, God speaks through his people, but how does God choose whom He will use to spread His word? How can we become more of a vessel for His grace and power and less a vessel for the sins of this world? Sin is insidious and has many guises: there’s hidden sin, presumptuous sin and enslaving sin… all equally threatening. David, in Psalm 19, teaches us how to tell the difference between these sins, how to watch for them, and how to ask the Lord for the freedom from guilt by the grace of surrender. Let Him be your rock and your redeemer!

The Path of Prayer

John Bryson said this: "If Jesus answered all of your prayers from the last thirty days, would anything change in THE world or just YOUR world?"
Prayer is our ultimate weapon against sin and temptation. In today's message, we examine Matthew 6: 9 through 13, the Lord's Prayer, where Jesus teaches us how best to worship our Father through strong, awesome, Kingdom prayer.
As believers in Jesus Christ, we must depend and rely on the power of prayer with all of our hearts!

Why Then Are We Faithless

Marriage is not only the relationship between husband and wife, it is first and foremost a covenant made before God! He cares deeply for the sanctity and beauty of marriage and carefully designed it to illustrate the intimate relationship between God and his people. When we are unfaithful in marriage, we are firstly unfaithful to God! The Word teaches us that faithfulness to God will be blessed. Today in Malachi he asks - Why then are we faithless?

Return to Me - I Have Loved You

Today we begin a new series in the book of Malachi. God's people have returned from exile to Judah. Their expectation is for prosperity, peace and God's glorious presence. Instead, they are disillusioned to find that all they had hoped for is unrealized. Soon their spiritual zeal is diminished and their worship becomes empty, even hypocritical. The Isaraelites question God's love for them and accuse him of abandoning his chosen people. They allow their circumstances to become an indicator of God's love. Malachi reminds us that God's love is eternal, cannot be measured by human standards or circumstances, and is never to be underestimated! God is calling his loved ones to restoration and repentance. He promises, 'Return to me, and I will return to you'.

But By My Spirit Says the Lord

In this our last message in our Holy Spirit series, we will understand 3 things about the Spirit. He is inexhaustible, He is all-powerful and He is unstoppable. What great truths to end our series on. We pray that this series has increased your knowledge of the work of the Spirit, and as a result devloped an even greater love for our God. How awesome it is to say "Who are you, O mountain" to whatever is standing between you and God.

The Holy Spirit and Regeneration

Continuing our examination into what it means to know the Holy Spirit, today we turn to John 3:1-8. We learn, through the story of Jesus’ encounter with Nicodemus, that only by the Holy Spirit we are granted new spiritual life. We are all born sinners in need of a Saviour, and it is only by the saving grace of the Holy Spirit that we are granted freedom from our bondage. Jesus teaches us that the regenerating action of the Holy Spirit is as sovereign as the wind… and deeply mysterious.

The Lord Looks on the Heart

The greatest lesson we can learn from examining the life of David—shepherd, warrior, king, psalmist—is that, despite his sins, he was truly a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22). In the first of this new series, we’re introduced to David as someone the Lord has set apart for his faithfulness, for his character, for his courage, but especially, for his heart. Get ready to learn from David’s life!