But For You Who Fear My Name

What does it mean to 'fear the name of the Lord'? In the NIV translation of the bible, the word 'fear' is replaced with 'reverance'. It means standing in awe and worship - in reverance - of the name of the one and only God. Here in Malachi, we are promised that those who fear his name will be treasured and loved by him. The Lord hears and will remember those who esteem his great name. How great is our God!

Will Man Rob God?

Matthew 6:21 tells us " where your treasure is, there will be your heart also". In today's message, God's word teaches us the importance of giving to his kingdom with both generosity and joy. In fact, the manner in which we give directly reflects the position and passion of our heart. Today as we further unpack the book of Malachi, God challenges us to test him with our tithes and offerings. Watch how lavishly he will pour out his blessings upon those who give generously! Indeed, he promises that when we invest unselfishly in his kingdom, grace and righteousness will abound!

Why Then Are We Faithless

Marriage is not only the relationship between husband and wife, it is first and foremost a covenant made before God! He cares deeply for the sanctity and beauty of marriage and carefully designed it to illustrate the intimate relationship between God and his people. When we are unfaithful in marriage, we are firstly unfaithful to God! The Word teaches us that faithfulness to God will be blessed. Today in Malachi he asks - Why then are we faithless?

O Priests, This Command is For You

In today's message, we learn how the priests of Malachi's day had grown half-hearted and negligent in their priestly responsibilities and service. They began to overlook divorce among God's chosen, condoning inappropriate offerings to the Lord and failing to lead the people according to his covenant. The Israelites are called by God to turn from their worldly ways and back to authentic worship.

Where is My Honour?

God deserves only our best, not our leftovers! When we become spiritually lazy and indifferent, our hearts become distracted and begin to wander from God. The Israelites began to shift their focus from God to their difficult circumstances. God was no longer receiving the honour of his people. We are most blessed when Christ is most honoured! Today, Robbie answers the question, how do we know if we are honouring God with our lives?

Return to Me - I Have Loved You

Today we begin a new series in the book of Malachi. God's people have returned from exile to Judah. Their expectation is for prosperity, peace and God's glorious presence. Instead, they are disillusioned to find that all they had hoped for is unrealized. Soon their spiritual zeal is diminished and their worship becomes empty, even hypocritical. The Isaraelites question God's love for them and accuse him of abandoning his chosen people. They allow their circumstances to become an indicator of God's love. Malachi reminds us that God's love is eternal, cannot be measured by human standards or circumstances, and is never to be underestimated! God is calling his loved ones to restoration and repentance. He promises, 'Return to me, and I will return to you'.

A Letter to the Sexually Immoral

Jesus "has eyes like a flame of fire" and He's warning the church in Thyatira that He takes sexual sin very seriously. In this fourth letter, Jesus at first praises these believers: they're busy in faith, love and endurance. But this church is tolerating sexual sin, which God, in His Word and His wisdom, likens to spiritual adultery. These are the "deep things of Satan," Jesus says, very tempting in the meantime—but fruitless in the end.

Healthy Heart = Pure Heart

God wants our whole heart! We continue our exploration of a Healthy Heart today in Matthew 5: 8, where Jesus teaches in his Beatitudes that to receive blessing from God, our hearts must be not only healthy, but pure. But what does a pure heart look like? Learn the seven signs of the Impure Heart... and see how yours measures up with the seven signs of a Pure Heart. Prepare to be blown away!

Four Fruits of a Healthy Heart

Now that we understand through our current series that a biblically Healthy Heart is made up of the Mind, the Affections and the Will, it's time to apply our knowledge and work it! God commands our obedience because He loves us, and the Healthy Heart abides and delights in His instruction. Let's go after loving Him with everything we have, and reap the blessings that only He provides.

The Doctrine of Salvation

Prepare to be awed and humbled yet again today by the amazing wisdom of our God as Pastor Robbie discusses the mind bending truth of The Doctrine of Salvation. Consider this: the salvation of all true believers began before the world was even formed, and God, in his supreme sovereignty, always finishes what He starts! You'll then learn about the Order of Salvation: justification, conversion and sanctification, and you'll once again be blown away by the grace of our glorious God...Learn about God so that you can love Him better!