How Great is Our God

Have you ever stopped to consider the incomprehensibility of our God? Job 26:14 expresses this idea perfectly: "The thunder of his power, who can understand?" He is infinite, He is perfect, He is awesome... and we are lowly sinners. But take heart. Although He is perfect, omnipotent, omniscient, God desires that we know Him, that we draw close to Him, that we share with Him our every sorrow, every desire, every aspect of our heart. What a wonder!

The Doctrine of the Word of God

Get ready for life-changing knowledge as we continue our study of glorious doctrine. But why is doctrine so important? Because all Scripture is breathed out by God and it's the Word of God alone that steers us from error, that grows us in sanctification, that renews our minds and points us to a life of fruitfulness and purpose. As we discover the beauty and truth of His Word, we in turn learn that His Word is all we need to satisfy and quench our hunger and thirst. Doctrine... it's where knowledge and love collide!

Without Doctrine We Are Dead

Let's face it... the study of doctrine is typically a dry, boring task, a "have to" rather than a "want to". But the doctrine of Scripture is anything but boring, simply because it helps us know God. It sheds light on His glory and it ignites fires within our hearts and minds that cannot and will not be quenched. In this series, we'll learn why doctrine matters so much in our journey to know and love our Lord more and more every day, how doctrine will shape our thinking and change our lives in the pursuit of our Saviour. Get ready to come alive in the truth!

The Persistence of Prayer

We've learned through this series about how powerful prayer is and how to follow its path. Now it's time to turn our attention to the Persistence of Prayer.
Jesus promises that whatever we ask in His name, it shall be given... if we persevere. By faith, then, even when it seems that God isn't listening to our prayers, we must continue to pray and pray and pray. Only through prayer can we bear fruit... so let's get busy praying!

The Path of Prayer

John Bryson said this: "If Jesus answered all of your prayers from the last thirty days, would anything change in THE world or just YOUR world?"
Prayer is our ultimate weapon against sin and temptation. In today's message, we examine Matthew 6: 9 through 13, the Lord's Prayer, where Jesus teaches us how best to worship our Father through strong, awesome, Kingdom prayer.
As believers in Jesus Christ, we must depend and rely on the power of prayer with all of our hearts!

The Power of Prayer

As Martin Luther said, "Prayer is the oxygen of spiritual life... without it, we die." Today, join us as we begin a new series about The Power of Prayer as we seek to understand not only how and when to pray and how often, but why we pray in the first place. In John 15:7, Jesus, who is the starting point for powerful prayer, promises that if we abide in Him, and in the word, whatever we ask will be done for us, according to God's great plan. Learn how to live in God's Word, and pray it, and see how He moves!

The Blessing of Persecution

For the Christian, persecution is a good sign. I know I’m living that Blessed life when I’m living the persecuted life. But what’s critical about this passage is that it’s persecution for the right reason. It’s the persecution that comes from shining the light of Christ in a dark world. That kind of persecution, Jesus promises, comes with a great reward and will always end well—always!

The Blessed Life Means a Pure Heart

The Blessed Life is the heart longing for God. Today we see that Jesus loves you so much that He won’t settle for half, or most of you—He must have all. Before God wants to use you, He wants your whole, undivided heart. And there’s no question that the devotion of the heart that’s pure will be undefiled and undivided. So the more you long for God, the more your heart can see God—and the more you will be satisfied in life!