God With Us - Incarnation: Sent to Set Us Free

God sent His Son to redeem His people who were currently slaves to the law. Through Jesus we have been adopted as sons - we are now heirs to eternal life. We have been set free from the law, and now live by faith in the life, death and resurrection of the Saviour. Let this truth renew your vision, renew your worship and renew your joy. 

Captured with Transformation

Prepare to be blown away by an astounding moment in both the Old and the New Testaments, as Jesus, in Luke:4-16 fulfills prophecy by unrolling the scroll of Isaiah and reading Chapter 61, verses 1-3, aloud in synagogue. In essence, Jesus Christ is here declaring Himself the Messiah Isaiah spoke about. And what a Messiah... let's be captured by Him! Let's live for Him and His glory! Let's be transformed...

Captured by His Salvation

Today, we rejoin our Captured series with one of the most powerful prophecies in the Old Testament. In Isaiah 53:1-12, we learn through a prophet's vision about the coming Messiah and the incredible, life-giving sacrifice He will give to God's people. We're told about His rejection, His suffering, His death, and ultimately, His satisfaction and His salvation... all for us, even though we are sinners.

Captured by True Newness

Our fickle world is filled with promises of new ʺthingsʺ that will surely make our lives better, more convenient, sweeter and more gratifying. The truth, though, as we see in the words of the prophet Isaiah, is that true newness can only be found in a new Servant, Jesus Christ, who washes us clean of our sin and grants us everlasting life. Let’s dig into Isaiah 42:1-9 and discover true newness!

Captured by the Hope of Glory

We're excited today to introduce the first message in an awesome new series entitled Captured! Let's dig deeper into the words of the prophet Isaiah, who, despite being surrounded by darkness, gloom and fear, had such faith in the coming Messiah that he never gave up hope. As believers, we need to find ourselves in that place when we're tempted to lose faith. Remember, "of His increase there will be no end..."

Made New and Over the Moon

In the last in our series Made New, studying 2 Corinthians 5, Paul again reminds us of the incredible and undeserved truth that is the Gospel for believers... and we can't be anything but absolutely thrilled. When we're faced with the awesome reality that we have been regenerated and made new because of Jesus Christ, we're reconciled to God because of Jesus Christ, and we're bestowed Jesus' righteousness in place of our filthy sin—we can't help but be over the moon!

Made New and Motivated

Time for a heart check as we continue in our Made New series examining 2 Corinthians 5. Ask yourself honestly: what motivates you? To be motivated is to be moved, Paul tells us. Instead of being motivated by the fear of man, we need to be motivated by a fear of the Lord, motivated within opposition, motivated by our love for Christ, and motivated by a new ambition. He made us His ambition. Shouldn't we make Him our ambition?