Glorious Doctrine

The Doctrine of the Church

Today, in our final discussion of Glorious Doctrine, Pastor Robbie discusses the Doctrine of the Church... not only the visible Church as saved believers see it, but the invisible Church as God in His heaven yearns for us to be. Learn how the Church is so much more just than a building or a gathering of people. It is Christ Himself! And as His Church, our destiny is to one day be the bridegroom of Christ. So how should we live with purity, fidelity and sincerity, knowing we are to be united with Him? It's an awesome truth that will bring you even closer to God!

The Doctrine of Salvation

Prepare to be awed and humbled yet again today by the amazing wisdom of our God as Pastor Robbie discusses the mind bending truth of The Doctrine of Salvation. Consider this: the salvation of all true believers began before the world was even formed, and God, in his supreme sovereignty, always finishes what He starts! You'll then learn about the Order of Salvation: justification, conversion and sanctification, and you'll once again be blown away by the grace of our glorious God...Learn about God so that you can love Him better!

The Doctrine of Sin

Some Christians don't like to talk about sin, but today's message reveals just how important our understanding of how powerfully destructive sin is. The truth is, God hates sin! But because we are descendants of Adam, by our nature, we are sinful in so many ways, by our thoughts and our actions, by our words and by our hidden longings. How do we combat sin? In our idolatrous, selfish society, it can be challenging. There's only one place to look... to Jesus Christ

The Doctrine of Mankind

Today, as we continue to explore the wonders of Glorious Doctrine, Pastor Robbie illuminates The Doctrine of Mankind and answers our questions about how much God, our Maker, loves us!What does it mean that He created us in His own image? How are we like Him? And how can we strive to worship Him more perfectly knowing we are called to reflect God's own character?

The Doctrine of the Work of Christ

In today’s message, Pastor Robbie seeks to answer the questions: Why did Jesus Christ come? What did Jesus Christ actually do? What work did Jesus Christ do? Why was the sequence and order of this work so essential? Why was the work of Jesus Christ eternally vital? And finally...why is this doctrine so important to me? This is such beautiful doctrine that we cannot help but love our Lord and Saviour, and it's all for His glory!

The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity—He is a distinct personal being. Today’s message teaches that the Holy Spirit is a person, the Holy Spirit is God, the Holy Spirit is awesome and the Holy Spirit wants to do more in us: more salvation and more sanctification. He is a person with unlimited and inexhaustible power who wants to live in us—the temple of the Holy Spirit—so we can live the Spirit-filled, Spirit-empowered life!

The Doctrine of Christ

Through this message we are getting the know our Saviour more, through the doctrine of the Person of Christ. We will examine four affirmation statements with the doctrine of Christ which look at His full and complete divinity and humanity, and how His divine and human natures are distinct and completely united in one person. This is what we need to know—this is what we need to love!

How Great is Our God

Have you ever stopped to consider the incomprehensibility of our God? Job 26:14 expresses this idea perfectly: "The thunder of his power, who can understand?" He is infinite, He is perfect, He is awesome... and we are lowly sinners. But take heart. Although He is perfect, omnipotent, omniscient, God desires that we know Him, that we draw close to Him, that we share with Him our every sorrow, every desire, every aspect of our heart. What a wonder!

The Doctrine of the Word of God

Get ready for life-changing knowledge as we continue our study of glorious doctrine. But why is doctrine so important? Because all Scripture is breathed out by God and it's the Word of God alone that steers us from error, that grows us in sanctification, that renews our minds and points us to a life of fruitfulness and purpose. As we discover the beauty and truth of His Word, we in turn learn that His Word is all we need to satisfy and quench our hunger and thirst. Doctrine... it's where knowledge and love collide!