Gospel Advance

The Gospel Comes at a Cost

Luke 14 tells the story of Jesus speaking to the huge crowds that had jumped on the bandwagon and started following Him. But what He says to them, and to us, is not what we might expect. If we are truly saved, if we are to count ourselves among His disciples, we must be prepared to suffer, to say goodbye to our old lives, to make many sacrifices. Yes, following Jesus does come at a cost, but when we're faced with the cost of rejecting Him, the answer becomes crystal clear. It's a sobering message, but so important for the Christian life.

The Gospel is My Purpose

Heart check time! Take a moment and ask yourself—and really think about it—what is my purpose? Is my purpose driven by earthly longings? If it is, it's time to hear God's truth again today as we delve into Acts 26:12-29. As believers in Jesus Christ, we're so blessed to have and hold a purpose of infinite satisfaction, where the gospel is our centre and making disciples our main goal. God wants to use you! Time to start living a gospel-centred life!