I Am A Christ Follower

The 5G Life - Go Time

We’re excited to share this last installment in what we pray has been a fundamentally life-changing series for you as a true Christ-follower. We’ve learned about the 5G Life and that to follow Christ, we must prioritize our time into God Time, Gather Time, Group Time, Give Time… and now, Go Time! As Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19, we are to “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations.” Armed with His presence, we have His protection, power and peace… so where will you go first?

The 5G Life - Give Time

Do you consider yourself a true Christ-follower? Are you living the 5G Life? In today’s message, our teacher, Pastor Robbie Symons, reminds us that it was Jesus who said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” (Acts 20:35). To call ourselves true disciples, we must give of self, through prayer, with love and by proper stewardship of the blessings God has bestowed upon us—all for His glory. But hurry, loved ones. As we’ll hear today, there is no time to waste!

The 5G Life - Group Time

We pray you’re learning and growing in this, our fundamental series about what it means to be a Christ follower. We call this pursuit the 5G Life and it’s designed to encourage believers to invest in God Time, Gather Time, Group Time, Give Time and Go Time. Today, our teacher Robbie Symons leads us to appreciate how we benefit from Group Time. Our time in groups provides us with much-needed community, unity, ministry, consistency and maturity. In short, Group Time is Grow Time!

The 5G Life - Gather Time

We’re deep in our practical study of what it means to follow Christ. Today, we’re talking about the importance of spending precious time with other followers. It’s Gather Time, loved ones, because, as a true Christ-follower, you can’t truly love Christ and not love His Church. We gather together to hear the Word, to worship the Lord, to pray, to encourage each other and to encounter Him together. Make the best use of your prime time… and make it Gather Time!

The 5G Life - God Time

Welcome back to our fundamental series about what it means to really follow Christ. So far, we’ve learned that to call ourselves true disciples, we need to abide in Jesus Christ, connect with fellow followers and share the gospel with others. Today, we learn that true Christ-followers need to make good use of their time—and it all starts with the pursuit of the presence of God. 

A True Christ Follower Must Share

A disciple of Christ longs to make other disciples in Christ… and that’s the theme of this third instalment in our fundamentally important series, I Am A Christ Follower. We learn today that if we are to truly follow Christ, we cannot hoard our faith! We are instead compelled by God’s Word to share and multiply it in others. Can you name one person who is living in Christ today because of you? Pray it may be so

A True Christ Follower Must Connect

Welcome to the second instalment in our foundational discipleship series, I Am A Christ Follower! In our calling for a genuine love for our Saviour, we’ve learned so far that if we are to truly follow Christ, we must abide in Him. Today, we hear of our need to connect with one another. If we are saved in Christ, we are saved into His body. And as members of His body, we are to instruct, encourage, teach—and especially, to love one another. Time to connect!

A True Christ Follower Must Abide

As His disciples, we assume we’re truly following Jesus Christ—but let’s examine our hearts. In this new series, our Pastor, Robbie Symons, asks us to stop and ask ourselves a few tough questions regarding our relationship with Christ. In John 15: 5, Jesus says, “I am the vine, you are the branches.” With this metaphor, He describes the relationship we need to cultivate with Him. We must abide in Him before He can abide in us, and only then may we truly bear fruit. But how exactly do we abide in Him?