Let Me Tell You a Story

Let Me Tell You a Story of Pride vs Humility

With today's message, we reach the end of our series Let Me Tell You a Story, which has concentrated on the life-changing, metaphorical parables shared by Jesus but unique to the Gospel of Luke. In what is perhaps our most important lesson in our series, today's parable deals with the ages-old issue of pride versus humility—a common conflict throughout Scripture—and begs what may be the most essental heart-check question: are you broken and devasted by your sin? Or is pride and love of self destroying you? The Lord demands humility. Is that you today?

Let Me Tell You a Story of Persevering Prayer

Today, we continue our growth and learning about the parables preached by Jesus, unique to the Gospel of Luke. Our lesson this time, through the story of the persistant widow and the reluctant judge, is that we must never, ever dismiss the incredible power of persistent prayer. Take to heart the truth that our God does not tire of our incessant prayer—rather, He delights in our humility. Pray often, and pray hard!

Let Me Tell You A Story - of Heaven & Hell

What do you think happens when you die? Do you believe in Heaven and Hell? It's one of the most essential truths in Scripture. Today, Jesus tells the story of the deaths of two men: one who was rich in earthly treasures but destitute in love for the Lord, and one incredibly poor but living his life for God. Discover the fate of these two men... and ask yourself about your fate... through this difficult but necessary parable.

Let Me Tell You a Story - of Stewardship

Everything we have here on earth belongs not to us, but to our God—and please believe that one day soon we will be held accountable for what's been entrusted to us! Today's parable here on Live in the Light discusses stewardship, one of the most important concepts in Scripture. Good insight here: If God is our Master, then money becomes our servant; but if God is not our Master, we become the servants of money. Heart check: which Master do you worship?

Let Me Tell You A Story - of Two Sons

We're in the middle of our Let Me Tell You A Story series, delving deep into the amazing parables unique to the gospel of Luke. Today, we're learning about God's amazing grace in the well-known, life-changing story of Two Sons: one rebellious, one self-righteous... both in need of salvation. Discover once again God's insatiable longing for our salvation, His unending mercy and His incredible love for us, though we are all sinners who stray

Let Me Tell You a Story - of Rejoicing

C.S. Lewis said, ʺThe business of heaven is joy...ʺ and today, through two of Jesus' wonderful teaching stories, the Parable of the Lost Sheep and the Parable of the Lost Coin, we learn that heaven's joy is God's joy becoming our joy! Rest assured: God searches out those who are truly lost and truly repentant... and have no doubt, He will find you. That's why we must sing out to Him with all of our hearts, today and every day. If the business of heaven is joy, let's give heaven our business!

Let Me Tell You a Story - of Humility

You may be surprised to learn that the second most taught virtue in the New Testament, after love, is humility. Today on Live in the Light, we're taught through another parable unique to Luke about the dangers of living pridefully. At its core, pride is self-exaltation. When we promote, worship and exalt ourselves, then we place God second... and He is the only answer, the only truth, the only One worthy of our worship. You can't win with pride... and you can't lose with humility!

Let Me Tell You a Story - of Fruitfulness

Throughout Scripture, our Lord makes it abundantly clear the importance of His followers bearing fruit for His glory... and yet He is patient. In today's lesson, we learn more about God's great patience through our examination of the parables unique to Luke. The metaphor in Luke 13:6-9 is crystal clear: the fruit Jesus longs for in our lives includes repentance and a complete embracing of our Saviour by faith and faith alone. ʺBut the day of the Lord will come like a thief and the heavens will pass away with a roar...ʺ (2 Peter 3:10) Are you ready?

Let Me Tell You a Story - of Wealth

One of the great temptations of the human heart is the love of money. As we continue in this awesome series, Let Me Tell You A Story, we hear in another parable unique to Luke that we must constantly guard our hearts against greed. Jesus says ʺ...for one's life does not consist in the abundance of possessionsʺ in Luke 12:14-15, and yet in this fallen world, it seems that our possessions are the only measure of our success.

Time for a heart check! Are you giving to God's glory? Are you giving sacrificially? Why not?

Let Me Tell You a Story - of Compassion

Jesus taught many important, life-changing lessons in His parables...and in this series, Let Me Tell You A Story, we're getting ready to dig deeper into the incredible parables that are unique to the Gospel of Luke. Today, for our first parable, we delve into an awesome story illustrating 'head knowledge' versus 'heart knowledge'. Without a heart on fire—also known as compassion—life in Christ is futile.