Reformation 500 Series

Reformation: Five Hundred - Faith Alone

The material principle of the Reformation is found in Romans 5:1. This is the principle of Faith which is the cornerstone of Christianity. It is the key that unlocks all the other Solas. Without faith, it is impossible to please God : we can never earn his favour or forgiveness by works. Only by faith in Christ, are we justified and deemed righteous in the sight of God.

Reformation: Five Hundred - Grace Alone

The incredible truth of the gospel message hinges on the amazing gift of grace. By grace, we have been saved - and this is not something to be earned but is a gift freely given by God and received through faith! By the 16th century, this truth had been discarded and replaced by the belief that grace must be earned. The Reformation was a pivotal church history in order to turn eyes and hearts back to the foundations of the Christian faith, and to Grace Alone.

Reformation: Five Hundred - Christ Alone

This week's message continues in our study of that remarkable and historic event in the history of the Protestant Church - the Reformation. Pastor Robbie turns our attention to the next of the Five Solas - Solo Cristo or 'Christ Alone'. Listen as we explore why Solo Christo has often been referred to as the 'linchpin' of the Five Solas. In Christ Alone, salvation is found and this truth is foundational to our faith.