The Cup of Suffering

The Cup of Suffering: The Resurrection

Today is Sunday, the day when Jesus rises from the dead. The grave could not hold Him. Sin is defeated, satan is defeated. For those who believe this by fatih, the resurrection confirms the forgiveness of their sins and eternal life. Jesus is now intereceding for us by the right hand of God. One day we will join him. This is the power of Easter.

The Cup of Suffering: The Last Supper

Today is Thursday and the disciples are making preparation for Passover. Jesus has prepared everthing for them. Jesus also institutes the Lord's Supper at this dinner, a sacrament that He encourages them to partake of often in rememberance of Him, a sacrament which we as the Church continue to celebrate until He returns on that Glorious Day.

The Cup of Suffering: Cleaning House

Over the next few days, we are going to trace the final week of Jesus' life and ministry on earth, commonly referred to as Passion Week. The cup of suffering in our title refers to the punishment that Jesus is about to undertake on the cross in our place. So that we might live. Today is Monday and Jesus is cleansing the temple of the corruption taking place in it.