The Life That God Blesses

The Blessing of Persecution

For the Christian, persecution is a good sign. I know I’m living that Blessed life when I’m living the persecuted life. But what’s critical about this passage is that it’s persecution for the right reason. It’s the persecution that comes from shining the light of Christ in a dark world. That kind of persecution, Jesus promises, comes with a great reward and will always end well—always!

The Blessed Life Means a Pure Heart

The Blessed Life is the heart longing for God. Today we see that Jesus loves you so much that He won’t settle for half, or most of you—He must have all. Before God wants to use you, He wants your whole, undivided heart. And there’s no question that the devotion of the heart that’s pure will be undefiled and undivided. So the more you long for God, the more your heart can see God—and the more you will be satisfied in life!


The Best Meal Ever

Hunger for the Lord is the single greatest proof you know the Lord. In fact, there is no spiritual growth apart from spiritual hunger. The first three Beatitudes are about emptying ourselves. Today’s is about filling ourselves with what is good—I must hunger for that which truly satisfies. I must hunger and thirst for righteousness—the one and only meal that truly satisfies!


Blessed Are The Meek

The surest way to give glory to the Father is to pursue the truly blessed life. But you can’t do that without living out the Beatitudes. Today’s is a tough one—but a beautiful one: Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Only when I understand the meaning of meekness will I fully grasp the blessing of meekness. And this is the blessing that awaits the meek who know Jesus Christ—you’re guaranteed everything!


Happy Are the Unhappy

True blessing comes in a way you would never expect—and never choose. That’s because mourning is the pathway to true blessing. To understand this beatitude, I need a sound theology of mourning: mourning over personal sin and mourning over public sin. And I need a sound theology of comfort. Then together we will see that the power and absolute beauty of the gospel is that only those who mourn will truly receive comfort!

Let the Blessing Begins

Are you desperate for blessing, for happiness, yet you search in vain? Well today’s message has the answer you’ve been seeking: the life that God blesses is contained in the Beatitudes—or the attitudes in which the Christian is suppose to be. Here we find the imperishable source of happiness, of blessing, in Jesus Christ. Now that’s how you let the blessing begin!