The Life of David

Confrontation of the Heart

Charles Spurgeon said, "God will not allow His children to sin successfully." In today's climactic and heartbreaking study, God confronts David with his terrible sin by sending Nathan to tell him a parable about a man and his lamb. Instantly, David's heart is restored, his wound lanced and he starts to heal, once again a man after God's own heart. What terrible sin do you have on your heart? Repent and be cleansed!

Heart Failure

Spiritual heart failure is an insidious downward spiral that begins innocently enough. In today’s study, we learn that even David, a man after God’s own heart, succumbed to weakness because of his earthly desires of the flesh. He commits adultery and murder, and his life is torn apart as he disobeys the Lord he loves so much. It takes contrition and repentance to truly heal the heart, but when we give our lives—and our hearts—to God, He lovingly cleanses us of all our sins.

The Heart of Worship

When we are saved, we assume that our worship of the Lord is pure and blameless. But in our continuing study of the life of David, we learn today that even he, a man after God’s own heart, could be presumptuous and careless in his worship. Beware of the warning signs that you may be living a double life in the sight of God! We need a pure heart and clean hands to approach the throne.

The Pursuit of God's Presence

In our continuing study of the life of David, a man after God’s own heart, we delve today into his Psalm 15, where he examines who may dwell in the presence of the Lord. We learn that if we are truly saved in Christ, we must continue to strive to have integrity, fidelity, purity, consistency and immovability. Time for a heart check! Are these the passions you’re pursuing?

When Crisis Comes

As if David’s life has not been trying enough, God leads him into yet another crisis. He faces a devastating blow, but does he give up? No. He strengthens himself in the Lord His God. Let’s learn from David’s example and know that when crisis comes, you can find your strength in the Lord, your wisdom from the Lord and, inevitably, your victory in the Lord.

The Integrity of David

What does integrity mean to you? Today, we examine the role of integrity in David’s life as he is presented with the opportunity to easily kill his enemy, Saul. With mercy, respect, goodness, integrity and love, David once again demonstrates why he is a man after God’s own heart. Let’s marvel once again at David’s determination to follow his love for, and faith in, the Lord.

The Dependence of David

When we last met David in this, our study of his life, he was in the midst of a trial few of us could imagine. Yet, even as we’re about to accept his demise, David yet again turns to the Lord in prayer and in praise. His heart is filled with dependence on his one and only God, which flows into worship and reverential awe. How can we mirror David’s example when we’re in our darkest hour?

The Power of Biblical Friendship

How incredible and lifesaving is the power of biblical friendship? In our continuing study of the life of David, God’s book reveals that even when he is feeling most anxious, alone and vulnerable, David will be provided a true and loyal friend in Jonathan, who reminds David to look only to the Lord for strength and truth. We must remember that our best friend, whom we seek when life is great as well as when things look bleak, is our Saviour Jesus Christ!