The Worth of Wisdom

Wisdom For Life

How amazing is the beauty and the power of Wisdom as illustrated in God's Word! Today, we conclude our Worth of Wisdom series with Wisdom for Life, examining Proverbs 9 as God implores us to make our final decision: will we live in folly, which inevitably leads to death, or in wisdom, the only path to true life and the only sure way to Heaven? The choice is ours...

Wisdom For The Home

Today, we turn once again to God's Word, specifically His counsel in Proverbs, as He calls us to check wisdom in our hearts... and in our homes. Proverbs 24:3-4 says that if they are built on the foundation of wisdom, our homes will offer security, stability and safety. Much more than bricks and mortar, a Godly home consists of wise husbands and excellent wives raising God-fearing children filled with joy. Does wisdom perfume your home?

Wisdom For The Money Hungry

One of the greatest temptations facing our frail, human hearts is the love of money, and the worldly possessions it can procure. In Matthew 6:24, Jesus pulls no punches, telling God's people that no one can serve two masters... we cannot serve both God and money. It's as simple as that. For today's message, Wisdom for the Money-Hungry, take a moment to check what you treasure most in this life, because "where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" (Luke 12:34)!

Wisdom For The Lazy

For today's edition in this continuing series about the Worth of Wisdom, we turn to Proverbs 6:6-11 to learn what God has to say about our very human tendency to be lazy. Laziness is essentially idolotry of self, God tells us. Take initiative, like the lowly ant, He says, be diligent, but not a workaholic, and most importantly, wake up to the knowledge that Jesus Christ saved us, He graced us, He died for us... so there's no time to be lazy!

Wisdom For The Loose-Lipped

How powerful are our words... and how accurately they reflect our hearts! God's Word, throughout the Bible and here in Proverbs, shows us that, with our tongues, we either sow seeds of death or seeds of life. Only by letting the truth and the love so perfectly demonstrated by our Saviour Jesus Christ shine through us, in everything we say and everything we do, can we combat the worldly temptation to be sinfully loose-lipped.

In Pursuit of Wisdom

Unless you're convinced by God's Truth, you can't be changed by God's Truth... so we're going after God's Truth once again today as we continue in our Worth of Wisdom series. God calls us in His Word, and especially in Proverbs, to pursue the beauty and power of Wisdom with fervour and passion... because Wisdom demands we respond with nothing less. So how do we go after Wisdom with all of our hearts? Listen and learn.

Wisdom For The Irreverent

In the Book of Proverbs, God illustrates so clearly the undeniable Worth of Wisdom. Today, our discussion of Wisdom for the Irreverent asks us to test the state of our hearts as it relates to our Fear of the Lord: do we live in a state of awe, reverence, wonder and worship when we contemplate His mercy, His grace, His omnipotence, His omnisciensce? Be careful not to let irreverence erode your love for our one and only Saviour.

The Worth of Wisdom

A new series called The Worth of Wisdom begins today... and it's a life changing message that you simply cannot miss! God's Word is filled with examples of the valuable, powerful, essential Worth of Wisdom, but in Proverbs, He makes it crystal clear: choosing the path of wisdom over the often less rocky path of foolishness leads to rich, amazing blessing every time. Let's dive right into Wisdom!