The Doctrine of Christ

Through this message we are getting the know our Saviour more, through the doctrine of the Person of Christ. We will examine four affirmation statements with the doctrine of Christ which look at His full and complete divinity and humanity, and how His divine and human natures are distinct and completely united in one person. This is what we need to know—this is what we need to love!

The Blessing of Persecution

For the Christian, persecution is a good sign. I know I’m living that Blessed life when I’m living the persecuted life. But what’s critical about this passage is that it’s persecution for the right reason. It’s the persecution that comes from shining the light of Christ in a dark world. That kind of persecution, Jesus promises, comes with a great reward and will always end well—always!

One Thing in my Marriage

Ephesians 5:22-23 says, "Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord". Today we learn that there's an enormous difference between the world's definition of submission and God's definition of submission. The marriage that God blesses is filled with awesome love and respect... with a knowledge of the equally important, but different, roles of the wife and her husband. As marriages seem to crumble around us, this is an impactful message for all... old, young, married, single.

No Reason To Fear

What an incredibly simple concept: when you put your faith in the Lord, you have nothing to fear; not today... not tomorrow... not ever! In this three part series examining the powerful words of David in his Psalm 27, we learn that, in the darkness of this world, only God is the light and the salvation. Rest assured that even when all hope is lost, He has your back.

One Thing in my Place

We're praying that throughout this series, the Lord has been working in many hearts... indeed, in your heart... acting as a filter to separate what is essential and what is worldly rubbish. In this, our last One Thing lesson, we consider Hebrews 7:26-28 and the astounding, perfect truth: once for all, the Great High Priest, Jesus Christ, white as snow, pure, holy, fully man and yet fully God, offered up Himself for us, and for all our hateful sin. One Thing, One Person, in My Place? Rejoice, for it is truly well with my soul!

One Thing in my Treasure

Time for a heart check! As we continue in our series with today's One Thing,  we learn that as believers, we need to constantly... daily!... examine where our hearts are in relationship with our treasures. Luke 12:34 sums it up in one powerful phrase: "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also". What do you covet on this earth? What do you value? Where do you give? What do you treasure?