Flee Fear by Pursuing God

As we ponder the amazing truth that we need not succumb to fear in this life because God always has our back, we also need to remember to replace that fear with an endless pursuit of Him. David's love for the Lord was his one passion, and so his praise of God was on fire. Is your heart on fire for God? Time for a heart check!

The Dependence of David

When we last met David in this, our study of his life, he was in the midst of a trial few of us could imagine. Yet, even as we’re about to accept his demise, David yet again turns to the Lord in prayer and in praise. His heart is filled with dependence on his one and only God, which flows into worship and reverential awe. How can we mirror David’s example when we’re in our darkest hour?

The Persistence of Prayer

We've learned through this series about how powerful prayer is and how to follow its path. Now it's time to turn our attention to the Persistence of Prayer.
Jesus promises that whatever we ask in His name, it shall be given... if we persevere. By faith, then, even when it seems that God isn't listening to our prayers, we must continue to pray and pray and pray. Only through prayer can we bear fruit... so let's get busy praying!

A Letter to the Sexually Immoral

Jesus "has eyes like a flame of fire" and He's warning the church in Thyatira that He takes sexual sin very seriously. In this fourth letter, Jesus at first praises these believers: they're busy in faith, love and endurance. But this church is tolerating sexual sin, which God, in His Word and His wisdom, likens to spiritual adultery. These are the "deep things of Satan," Jesus says, very tempting in the meantime—but fruitless in the end.

A Letter to the Lukewarm

In this, the conclusion of our series A Word to the Church, Jesus addresses the believers in Laodicea, a place that had become self-sufficient enough to forget why they were even alive—their dependency on their Saviour. Jesus loathes the lukewarm, those who allow pride and love of self to trick them into dullness. As we conclude our study of the seven letters to the seven churches, let's remember that Jesus is constantly inviting us to know Him. He's knocking at our door... will we answer?

A Letter to the Persevering

Do you, like many believers, long for the day of redemption, when we will finally look upon the face of Our Lord and Saviour in His full and complete glory and triumph? In this sixth letter to the church in Philadelphia, Jesus reminds us, His faithful followers, of the power of perseverance. He knows we're weak, and sinful, and full of doubt. But instead of searching for fulfillment in a world that will never satisfy, we need to remember our true reward. There's a light that is coming for the heart that holds on!

A Letter to the Suffering

Revelation 1:1 says we need to know "the things that must soon take place". In His seven letters to the seven churches, Jesus is preparing us for the end of the world and eternity. Will we listen? In His second letter, to the church in Smyrna, Jesus acknowledges the suffering that Christians must endure, the tests we, as believers, must face—with the knowledge that judgment is indeed coming. It's not easy. There's a cost to following Christ, but there's a greater cost to not following Him. Which will you choose?

The 5G Life - Go Time

We’re excited to share this last installment in what we pray has been a fundamentally life-changing series for you as a true Christ-follower. We’ve learned about the 5G Life and that to follow Christ, we must prioritize our time into God Time, Gather Time, Group Time, Give Time… and now, Go Time! As Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19, we are to “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations.” Armed with His presence, we have His protection, power and peace… so where will you go first?

The 5G Life - Give Time

Do you consider yourself a true Christ-follower? Are you living the 5G Life? In today’s message, our teacher, Pastor Robbie Symons, reminds us that it was Jesus who said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” (Acts 20:35). To call ourselves true disciples, we must give of self, through prayer, with love and by proper stewardship of the blessings God has bestowed upon us—all for His glory. But hurry, loved ones. As we’ll hear today, there is no time to waste!