Best of Series

Wisdom For The Irreverent

In the Book of Proverbs, God illustrates so clearly the undeniable Worth of Wisdom. Today, our discussion of Wisdom for the Irreverent asks us to test the state of our hearts as it relates to our Fear of the Lord: do we live in a state of awe, reverence, wonder and worship when we contemplate His mercy, His grace, His omnipotence, His omnisciensce? Be careful not to let irreverence erode your love for our one and only Saviour.

The Heart of Worship

When we are saved, we assume that our worship of the Lord is pure and blameless. But in our continuing study of the life of David, we learn today that even he, a man after God’s own heart, could be presumptuous and careless in his worship. Beware of the warning signs that you may be living a double life in the sight of God! We need a pure heart and clean hands to approach the throne.

The Path of Prayer

John Bryson said this: "If Jesus answered all of your prayers from the last thirty days, would anything change in THE world or just YOUR world?"
Prayer is our ultimate weapon against sin and temptation. In today's message, we examine Matthew 6: 9 through 13, the Lord's Prayer, where Jesus teaches us how best to worship our Father through strong, awesome, Kingdom prayer.
As believers in Jesus Christ, we must depend and rely on the power of prayer with all of our hearts!

The Gospel Comes at a Cost

Luke 14 tells the story of Jesus speaking to the huge crowds that had jumped on the bandwagon and started following Him. But what He says to them, and to us, is not what we might expect. If we are truly saved, if we are to count ourselves among His disciples, we must be prepared to suffer, to say goodbye to our old lives, to make many sacrifices. Yes, following Jesus does come at a cost, but when we're faced with the cost of rejecting Him, the answer becomes crystal clear. It's a sobering message, but so important for the Christian life.

The Gospel is My Purpose

Heart check time! Take a moment and ask yourself—and really think about it—what is my purpose? Is my purpose driven by earthly longings? If it is, it's time to hear God's truth again today as we delve into Acts 26:12-29. As believers in Jesus Christ, we're so blessed to have and hold a purpose of infinite satisfaction, where the gospel is our centre and making disciples our main goal. God wants to use you! Time to start living a gospel-centred life!

One Thing in my Attitude

Kent Hughes said, "A thankless Christian is a contradiction in terms". Today, as we examine Luke 17: 11-19, we are powerfully reminded that if we are to live our lives for the One Thing, we must be constantly grateful for the grace and mercy of our God. Jesus Christ, perfect in every way, died for us unworthy sinners. May we learn to better reflect a humble and genuine thanksgiving!

A Letter to the Persevering

Do you, like many believers, long for the day of redemption, when we will finally look upon the face of Our Lord and Saviour in His full and complete glory and triumph? In this sixth letter to the church in Philadelphia, Jesus reminds us, His faithful followers, of the power of perseverance. He knows we're weak, and sinful, and full of doubt. But instead of searching for fulfillment in a world that will never satisfy, we need to remember our true reward. There's a light that is coming for the heart that holds on!