Healthy Heart = Fired Up Affections

How can you tell the state of your Healthy Heart in Christ? A quick quiz: if biblical principles fire you up into practical passion, you're on the right path! Our Healthy Heart series continues today with God's Great Commission, to make disciples... but also God's Great Commandment: to love. Not love the world, which only equals an investment in certain death, but to love the Lord our God with all of our hearts, minds and spirits.

And He Will Turn the Hearts

Does your life in Christ look different today than it did a year ago? Are you drawing closer toward him or do you find yourself moving further away from him? In this last message of the series, we examine the closing comments in the final verses of Malachi. God's challenges his people to turn their hearts away from the temptations of the world that ultimately lead to a wasted life. Instead, turn your hearts towards the Father! Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.

Healthy Heart = Your Will Be Done

The Word of God teaches us that the Biblical Heart is made up of the Mind, the Affections and the Will. We've infiltrated the Mind and stirred up our Affections in our first installments of our Healthy Heart series... now it's time to go after our Wills! The bottom line is that our best will, every single time we come to make a decision, is God's Will. Our will on earth, guided by God, must first discern, then desire and then finally and most importantly, do!

Healthy Heart = Renewed Mind

For this, the second installment of our Healthy Heart series, we turn to God's word once again to illustrate how a renewed, revived, restored heart MUST lead to the authentic application of Biblical principles to our lives. We can't be believers and just sit there! We must apply our minds, our wills, our emotions and our physical beings to the pursuit of surrendering our hearts. All of us for all of Him!