Hope, Holiness & Submission

Let's continue our journey unpacking Peter's first letter to a group of early Christians, who were being persecuted by an unbelieving world. In today's examination, we're reminded of an important fact: God really cares about our submission. Submission is subject to authority, it serves God, and perhaps most importantly, it bears fruit for His kingdom. When we submit to His holiness, we realize that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Hope and Holiness Get Serious

We're so excited to continue in our Hope & Holiness series, as taught by the disciple Peter in his letter to the early church. Today, Peter tells us that the path Christians must follow to redemption is fraught with temptation, hardship and danger. Hope and holiness are at war within us daily. Yet God, by His grace, provides us the tools to go to war with our sin. Will we listen? Will we use the weapons He has given?

God's At Work

In this next installment of Hope & Holiness, we're so blessed to hear again that God, as always, is at work... and He wants to use us for His glory! Every day, He's building His church with Jesus Christ as the cornerstone. Christ is the rock that won't move and we, as chosen believers, are privileged to be living stones in the glorious church He is building, one rock at a time.

Hope, Holiness & Harmony

Although it may seem hard to understand at times, Scripture exists to provide Logical, Life-Changing Theology for the ultimate Glory of God. The message you're about to hear is actually very simple. It promises this: when Hope is your fuel, then Holiness is your vehicle... and Harmony can't help but emanate from your radio. Love earnestly, live earnestly, leave sin behind and long to grow. It's that simple.

Humbled by Hope

Reflect on this thought from Charles Spurgeon: "Little faith will take your soul to heaven, but great faith will bring heaven to your soul..." Let's be honest: who among us doesn't need a little slice of the promise of Heaven to soothe our weary soul? But, as we continue in our third message of our Hope & Holiness series, we are reminded that in order to gain our entry to Heaven, we need to be humbled by hope: always amazed, thankful, driven by and living out our salvation! May it be so...

The Suitcase of Hope

We are challenged and blessed to continue in our Hope & Holiness series, unpacking and dissecting the incredible epistle of 1 Peter. Today, you'll need to face your own difficult questions about your walk with God. Discover your own truth now, believers—accompanied by the love and grace of Jesus. It's time to ask yourself: Do I live for the here and now? Do I focus mostly on myself? Am I controlling and/or fearful? Am I more disappointed than grateful? And finally, do I lack motivation and hope? Listen and learn...