When The Heart Needs Help

What a roller coaster ride this little book of Jonah has been! Hope you've been blessed as we unpack the beautiful truths in this amazing series. Today marks our last instalment in Jonah and here we discover that despite all of God's saving grace and mercy, Jonah still doesn't get it! We learn from Jonah's reaction that anytime we are immersed in self: self-pity, self-centeredness, self-absorption or self-denial, we are self-deceived. Only our Saviour gives hope. Time for a heart check!

Restoration, Repentance & Revival

We hope you're being blessed in our series right now, which captures an exciting and enlightening look at the Book of Jonah! To recap what's happened so far: Jonah was called by God, rebelled and fled from God, and after finding himself in the belly of a great fish, prayed to God to save him. Of course, our God, who loves to give grace, mercy and second chances, saves Jonah. But for what? Let's discover together what happens next! A sneak peek: incredible evangelism and transformation!

Distressed, Desparate & Delivered!

After fleeing from God in disobedience, Jonah finds himself in the belly of a great fish... proving you can run but you can't hide! Now that he feels he's faced with sure death, Jonah calls out to our Lord in his distress and desperation. And it's at these moments, when we find ourselves completely broken, that we at last understand the grace and mercy of God, and it's at these moments that He provides deliverance.

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

In the famous Old Testament story, Jonah thought he could flee the call of God. He was so wrong! As we continue to discuss Jonah's futile plan to escape God, and God's response: pursuing Jonah to expose him and break him so that He might love and bless him even more, it's time to ask yourself: are there places in your life where you're running from God? Because you must believe: you can run but you can't hide!