No Fear of My Future

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He was a man after God's own heart, yet David suffered from worry, anxiety and fear, just like we do. Today's message, reflecting on Psalm 27, reminds us that only God is in control, so there's really no sense fearing the future. Instead, we must pray, welcome biblical teaching, be patient, and never ever lose faith.

Flee Fear by Pursuing God

As we ponder the amazing truth that we need not succumb to fear in this life because God always has our back, we also need to remember to replace that fear with an endless pursuit of Him. David's love for the Lord was his one passion, and so his praise of God was on fire. Is your heart on fire for God? Time for a heart check!

Why Should I Trust in God?

We've learned in this series that David's Psalm 31 can be summed up as a "deep personal trust in God within the depths of difficulty". But as we finish this series, let's find out why we absolutely need to trust in God. The reasons are unending, but let's start with 4 - we trust in God for His stored up abundant goodness, for the cover of His presence, for His love when we need it most, and for our perfect preservation. Have faith! God has your back. Trust only in Him.

Trust Within Trial

Today, we continue in our three-part series entitled 'In God We Trust', based on David's pleading cries to the Lord in Psalm 31. We know that the Christian life is not easy. Jesus never promises a smooth road, but in Scripture we discover how our God meets us in our difficulties—perhaps especially in trial. We need only trust in Him as our refuge in the face of our enemies and when our shame threatens to destroy us.

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The LORD is my Refuge

Welcome to the first instalment in our three-part series entitled 'In God We Trust', based on David's poignant Psalm 31, and get ready to be encouraged! Despite the trials of living in an evil world, we need never grow despondent because our Lord always meets us within the depths of our difficulty. We need to trust in Him only as our refuge, as our guide, with our spirit, in the knowledge that He, our amazing God, loves us personally. How awesome is that?

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Healthy Heart = Fired Up Affections

How can you tell the state of your Healthy Heart in Christ? A quick quiz: if biblical principles fire you up into practical passion, you're on the right path! Our Healthy Heart series continues today with God's Great Commission, to make disciples... but also God's Great Commandment: to love. Not love the world, which only equals an investment in certain death, but to love the Lord our God with all of our hearts, minds and spirits.

God Speaks Through Me

Yes, God speaks through his people, but how does God choose whom He will use to spread His word? How can we become more of a vessel for His grace and power and less a vessel for the sins of this world? Sin is insidious and has many guises: there’s hidden sin, presumptuous sin and enslaving sin… all equally threatening. David teaches us how to tell the difference between these sins, how to watch for them, and how to ask the Lord for the freedom from guilt by the grace of surrender. Let Him be your rock and your redeemer!

God Speaks Through His Word

Where are you looking for your treasure? If you’re searching in this world for more to make you happy—more money, more power, more titles, more trinkets—you’ll never find them. Real treasure is found in one place alone… God. God reveals Himself through His Word… and it’s simply all you need. The only place you need to find the answers you seek, the joy that comes from understanding, the wonder that comes from amazement, the peace of mind that comes from obedience to His message, is in His Book!

Start Here: For Integrity

Integrity has been defined as "who you are when nobody is watching". Employees tell us that above all, integrity is the single most important characteristic in a leader. The world appreciates integrity, but it is deeply valued by God. The Lord gave us Jesus, the perfect picture of integrity. It is the foundation that allows us to trust in God without wavering. Today, Pastor Robbie examines Psalm 26 and living a life of integrity.