A Letter to the Sexually Immoral

Jesus "has eyes like a flame of fire" and He's warning the church in Thyatira that He takes sexual sin very seriously. In this fourth letter, Jesus at first praises these believers: they're busy in faith, love and endurance. But this church is tolerating sexual sin, which God, in His Word and His wisdom, likens to spiritual adultery. These are the "deep things of Satan," Jesus says, very tempting in the meantime—but fruitless in the end.

A Letter to the Lukewarm

In this, the conclusion of our series A Word to the Church, Jesus addresses the believers in Laodicea, a place that had become self-sufficient enough to forget why they were even alive—their dependency on their Saviour. Jesus loathes the lukewarm, those who allow pride and love of self to trick them into dullness. As we conclude our study of the seven letters to the seven churches, let's remember that Jesus is constantly inviting us to know Him. He's knocking at our door... will we answer?

A Letter to the Persevering

Do you, like many believers, long for the day of redemption, when we will finally look upon the face of Our Lord and Saviour in His full and complete glory and triumph? In this sixth letter to the church in Philadelphia, Jesus reminds us, His faithful followers, of the power of perseverance. He knows we're weak, and sinful, and full of doubt. But instead of searching for fulfillment in a world that will never satisfy, we need to remember our true reward. There's a light that is coming for the heart that holds on!

A Letter to the Spiritually Dead

Welcome to the fifth message in our series, A Word to the Church. Today, we're learning about Jesus' Letter to the Spiritually Dead—and remember as you listen, that when we look into these churches, we inevitably see ourselves! Jesus here addresses the church in Sardis, a city that enjoyed luxury and self-indulgence but suffered from apathy. Its Christians were relaxed, content, comfortable—but dead. Jesus pleads with the church in Sardis to wake up before it's too late, a message that especially resonates today.