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Why Should I Trust in God?

We've learned in this series that David's Psalm 31 can be summed up as a "deep personal trust in God within the depths of difficulty". But as we finish this series, let's find out why we absolutely need to trust in God. The reasons are unending, but let's start with 4 - we trust in God for His stored up abundant goodness, for the cover of His presence, for His love when we need it most, and for our perfect preservation. Have faith! God has your back. Trust only in Him.

Healthy Heart = Pure Heart

God wants our whole heart! We continue our exploration of a Healthy Heart today in Matthew 5: 8, where Jesus teaches in his Beatitudes that to receive blessing from God, our hearts must be not only healthy, but pure. But what does a pure heart look like? Learn the seven signs of the Impure Heart... and see how yours measures up with the seven signs of a Pure Heart. Prepare to be blown away!

The Lord Looks on the Heart

The greatest lesson we can learn from examining the life of David—shepherd, warrior, king, psalmist—is that, despite his sins, he was truly a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22). In the first of this new series, we’re introduced to David as someone the Lord has set apart for his faithfulness, for his character, for his courage, but especially, for his heart. Get ready to learn from David’s life!