The Doctrine of the Church

Today, in our final discussion of Glorious Doctrine, Pastor Robbie discusses the Doctrine of the Church... not only the visible Church as saved believers see it, but the invisible Church as God in His heaven yearns for us to be. Learn how the Church is so much more just than a building or a gathering of people. It is Christ Himself! And as His Church, our destiny is to one day be the bridegroom of Christ. So how should we live with purity, fidelity and sincerity, knowing we are to be united with Him? It's an awesome truth that will bring you even closer to God!

The 5G Life - Gather Time

We’re deep in our practical study of what it means to follow Christ. Today, we’re talking about the importance of spending precious time with other followers. It’s Gather Time, loved ones, because, as a true Christ-follower, you can’t truly love Christ and not love His Church. We gather together to hear the Word, to worship the Lord, to pray, to encourage each other and to encounter Him together. Make the best use of your prime time… and make it Gather Time!

A True Christ Follower Must Share

A disciple of Christ longs to make other disciples in Christ… and that’s the theme of this third instalment in our fundamentally important series, I Am A Christ Follower. We learn today that if we are to truly follow Christ, we cannot hoard our faith! We are instead compelled by God’s Word to share and multiply it in others. Can you name one person who is living in Christ today because of you? Pray it may be so

A True Christ Follower Must Connect

Welcome to the second instalment in our foundational discipleship series, I Am A Christ Follower! In our calling for a genuine love for our Saviour, we’ve learned so far that if we are to truly follow Christ, we must abide in Him. Today, we hear of our need to connect with one another. If we are saved in Christ, we are saved into His body. And as members of His body, we are to instruct, encourage, teach—and especially, to love one another. Time to connect!

One Thing in my Church

Do you remember how you felt when you first met Jesus and knew He was your Lord and Saviour? Unspeakable joy, a heart on fire, ceaseless prayer... but when love is unattended or misguided, we may find ourselves abandoning our passion and just going through the motions. This happens to churches, too! In today's message, we read in Revelation about early churches that had lost their fire for the Lord. It's a powerful reminder that our church is more than a building and people... it's the body of Christ Himself.