A Heart of Conviction

In Psalm 51, David shows God his heart of confession, then his authentic longing for a cleansed heart. Now we learn about David's Heart of Conviction! As believers, we need to follow David's example by continuing to mature in Christ, by transforming others by telling them about His grace, by worshiping through prayer and song wholeheartedly, by maintaining our brokenness and especially, by building His kingdom.

Healthy Heart = Pure Heart

God wants our whole heart! We continue our exploration of a Healthy Heart today in Matthew 5: 8, where Jesus teaches in his Beatitudes that to receive blessing from God, our hearts must be not only healthy, but pure. But what does a pure heart look like? Learn the seven signs of the Impure Heart... and see how yours measures up with the seven signs of a Pure Heart. Prepare to be blown away!

Four Fruits of a Healthy Heart

Now that we understand through our current series that a biblically Healthy Heart is made up of the Mind, the Affections and the Will, it's time to apply our knowledge and work it! God commands our obedience because He loves us, and the Healthy Heart abides and delights in His instruction. Let's go after loving Him with everything we have, and reap the blessings that only He provides.

Heart Failure

Spiritual heart failure is an insidious downward spiral that begins innocently enough. In today’s study, we learn that even David, a man after God’s own heart, succumbed to weakness because of his earthly desires of the flesh. He commits adultery and murder, and his life is torn apart as he disobeys the Lord he loves so much. It takes contrition and repentance to truly heal the heart, but when we give our lives—and our hearts—to God, He lovingly cleanses us of all our sins.

One Thing in my Treasure

Time for a heart check! As we continue in our series with today's One Thing,  we learn that as believers, we need to constantly... daily!... examine where our hearts are in relationship with our treasures. Luke 12:34 sums it up in one powerful phrase: "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also". What do you covet on this earth? What do you value? Where do you give? What do you treasure?