Hope and Holiness Begins

Welcome to another exciting day as we begin our new series, Hope & Holiness, which delves into the epistle of 1 Peter. In this incredible, urgent letter of encouragement penned through Peter, the Holy Spirit assures us that, despite feeling weak and alone at times, we need never fear nor despair, because our destination always determines our direction. And if our ultimate destination is Heaven, Hope and Holiness, then our end result can only be Glory to God!

Captured by the Hope of Glory

We're excited today to introduce the first message in an awesome new series entitled Captured! Let's dig deeper into the words of the prophet Isaiah, who, despite being surrounded by darkness, gloom and fear, had such faith in the coming Messiah that he never gave up hope. As believers, we need to find ourselves in that place when we're tempted to lose faith. Remember, "of His increase there will be no end..."

Hope, Holiness & Elders

We’re continuing our trek through the book of 1 Peter and seeing some exciting and frankly life-changing truths in its pages. Today’s message is entitled Hope, Holiness and Elders, and it’s an important message for us all regardless of whether we are elders or not. What does the Bible teach about church leaders? We’ll find great answers to that question today as Pastor Robbie walks us through 1 Peter 5:1-4, and we’ll see why this role is so critical in the church, the seriousness of the calling, and ultimately the motivation of every elder.

Suffering for Dummies

Today we’re looking again at suffering, and specifically how to suffer as God would have us. I so like that series of books with that title, “…for dummies.” Maybe it’s gardening for dummies, bicycling for dummies, or even chess for dummies. Well today we’re going to 1 Peter 4:12-19 and the title of our message is “Suffering for Dummies.”

The Weapon of Suffering

How can suffering be helpful? Aren’t we supposed to avoid suffering at all costs and run from it when it does come? Aren’t we supposed to find the quickest way out? In fact we’re going to see that Suffering rather than being a weapon used against us, can actually be used by us in our lives to grow us. How does that work? 1 Peter 4 explains more. Today, Pastor Robbie walks us through some great truth, so let’s jump into God’s Word today as we look at The Weapon of Suffering…

Hope, Holiness & Triumphant Victory

We’re continuing today through 1 Peter and looking at chapter 3 in a message titled, Hope and Holiness and Triumphant Victory. And loved ones, that victory is THE victory! It’s the GOSPEL, the awesome work of Christ for us. So get ready to be encouraged, and get ready to be expectant. It’s a triumphant victory we’re talking about here today.

Hope, Holiness & Conflict

The world will tell us that it is possible to live a life free from worry, care and conflict. That’s what the world will say, or try and sell us on. But the Bible tells us the truth – if we follow Jesus, then like Jesus, conflict and difficulty in this life is unavoidable. But God’s word, has more truth for us, and it’s the truth we’re going to today in 1 Peter 3 where we’ll learn how to live prepared for difficulty. If conflict is coming…what can we do?