Let Me Tell You A Story - of Two Sons

We're in the middle of our Let Me Tell You A Story series, delving deep into the amazing parables unique to the gospel of Luke. Today, we're learning about God's amazing grace in the well-known, life-changing story of Two Sons: one rebellious, one self-righteous... both in need of salvation. Discover once again God's insatiable longing for our salvation, His unending mercy and His incredible love for us, though we are all sinners who stray

Advancing the Kingdom

Through whom is the Kingdom of Heaven advancing? That’s the question we’re asking in today’s message. And the answer is threefold: The Kingdom is advancing through those who understand, through those who grow, and through those who share their treasure and want to shine. It’s that simple—the Kingdom of Heaven advances through people such as these.

Getting Serious About the Kingdom

It’s when you know there’s nothing of more value than living for the Kingdom of Heaven that you get serious about the Kingdom. In today’s message, Jesus tells a parable about a fishing net and fish to help his disciples get serious about the Kingdom. So if I’m going to get serious, here’s what I must understand: My salvation is priceless and my urgency is demanded. And this is when Kingdom of Heaven changes everything—it redefines our whole value system!

Do I Really "Get" the Kingdom of Heaven

Do I really understand the value, the riches and the treasure of the Kingdom of Heaven? In today’s message, we know we understand the Kingdom of Heaven if it is easily my greatest treasure, it is joyfully my “one thing” and it is calling me to be “all in.” If you truly get the Kingdom of Heaven you recognize this is the glory of the Lord calling. This is an invitation to the abundant life. To purpose, joy and freedom!

The Underdog Kingdom

Never underestimate the power and influence of the Kingdom of Heaven—ever! In the parable of the seed, Jesus provides an illustration of something small becoming something big. In this message, we see three things about the Kingdom of Heaven: It might start small, but it will end big, its blessing is extensive, and although underrated, it is undeniable. So apply this Kingdom principle to your life, to your family, to your church and to your faith today and witness God’s power for change!

Weeds Are Evil

The essence of the meaning of the parable of the weeds is that judgment is coming. In this parable weeds represent evil.  They will be dealt with, but for now they remain. In today’s message, we are urged to learn the explanation of the parable, live with expectation and listen to the exhortation. Not to hear this is to suffer forever. The stakes are too high!

Do You Want to Know a Secret?

The two main reasons Jesus teaches in parables are to reveal and to conceal. The parables reveal truth to those who could truly see and hear and conceal truth to those who could not truly see and hear spiritually. Today’s message introduces a new sermon series on the purpose of the parables. They are given to persuade us to live differently in the light of eternity—because true listening is the secret to the kingdom of heaven and transformational living!