Let Me Tell You a Story of Persevering Prayer

Today, we continue our growth and learning about the parables preached by Jesus, unique to the Gospel of Luke. Our lesson this time, through the story of the persistant widow and the reluctant judge, is that we must never, ever dismiss the incredible power of persistent prayer. Take to heart the truth that our God does not tire of our incessant prayer—rather, He delights in our humility. Pray often, and pray hard!

The Path of Prayer

John Bryson said this: "If Jesus answered all of your prayers from the last thirty days, would anything change in THE world or just YOUR world?"
Prayer is our ultimate weapon against sin and temptation. In today's message, we examine Matthew 6: 9 through 13, the Lord's Prayer, where Jesus teaches us how best to worship our Father through strong, awesome, Kingdom prayer.
As believers in Jesus Christ, we must depend and rely on the power of prayer with all of our hearts!

The Persistence of Prayer

We've learned through this series about how powerful prayer is and how to follow its path. Now it's time to turn our attention to the Persistence of Prayer.
Jesus promises that whatever we ask in His name, it shall be given... if we persevere. By faith, then, even when it seems that God isn't listening to our prayers, we must continue to pray and pray and pray. Only through prayer can we bear fruit... so let's get busy praying!