Restoration, Repentance & Revival

We hope you're being blessed in our series right now, which captures an exciting and enlightening look at the Book of Jonah! To recap what's happened so far: Jonah was called by God, rebelled and fled from God, and after finding himself in the belly of a great fish, prayed to God to save him. Of course, our God, who loves to give grace, mercy and second chances, saves Jonah. But for what? Let's discover together what happens next! A sneak peek: incredible evangelism and transformation!

Confrontation of the Heart

Charles Spurgeon said, "God will not allow His children to sin successfully." In today's climactic and heartbreaking study, God confronts David with his terrible sin by sending Nathan to tell him a parable about a man and his lamb. Instantly, David's heart is restored, his wound lanced and he starts to heal, once again a man after God's own heart. What terrible sin do you have on your heart? Repent and be cleansed!

A Letter to the Love-Lacking

Welcome to our exploration of some of the most studied passages in the Bible, the seven letters to the seven churches. Our first message, A Letter to the Love-Lacking, tackles Revelation 2:1-7, where Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, recorded by John, writes a warning letter to the Church in Ephesus. Although they are admirably serving, sacrificing, steadfast, separated and suffering, the Ephesians have lost their fire for the Lord. They've become apathetic and irreverent. Are we like the Ephesians? Their only hope—and ours—is to repent to love, and to repent to live!