A Letter to the Faithful...sort of

Today, Jesus brings us a letter to the church in Pergamum. It's a Letter to the Sort of Faithful, and it's a word that cuts like a sword, warning false teachers and worshippers of false idols that He sees right through their deceit. He also, though, provides a word of encouragement to the unswerving, those who are truly faithful. When our life in Christ is at its most challenging, He will provide us with soul-sustaining manna. Don't give up!

A Letter to the Suffering

Revelation 1:1 says we need to know "the things that must soon take place". In His seven letters to the seven churches, Jesus is preparing us for the end of the world and eternity. Will we listen? In His second letter, to the church in Smyrna, Jesus acknowledges the suffering that Christians must endure, the tests we, as believers, must face—with the knowledge that judgment is indeed coming. It's not easy. There's a cost to following Christ, but there's a greater cost to not following Him. Which will you choose?

A Letter to the Love-Lacking

Welcome to our exploration of some of the most studied passages in the Bible, the seven letters to the seven churches. Our first message, A Letter to the Love-Lacking, tackles Revelation 2:1-7, where Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, recorded by John, writes a warning letter to the Church in Ephesus. Although they are admirably serving, sacrificing, steadfast, separated and suffering, the Ephesians have lost their fire for the Lord. They've become apathetic and irreverent. Are we like the Ephesians? Their only hope—and ours—is to repent to love, and to repent to live!