O The Blood: A Better Reward

We know, because of the Gospel, and as evidenced by our study of Hebrews 10:32-39, that the Blood of Christ has redeemed us. Every day, even though we are sinners, the Blood purchases us, it glorifies us, it cleanses us, it sanctifies us, it secures us, it emboldens us... and yes, it saves us. Christ suffered for us, the perfect Lamb sacrificed for all who have faith. We need to endure for Him, to love Him, to long for Him, to turn to Him. O the Blood!

O The Blood: Once and For All

A wise pastor often shared with his congretation a beautiful truth: that Jesus on the cross represents "the death of death in the death of Christ." An amazing, life-changing notion, that we sinners, by the blood Jesus shed for us, have a relationship with God and that we, through grace by faith, have a place with Him in Heaven if we simply accept His free gift to us. Christ finished His work on the cross and through His blood, we are truly saved. That is the Gospel!

O The Blood: My Salvation

Today, we continue in God's Word, expressing wonder, awe and love as we learn just how precious is the blood Jesus spilled for us... sinners all... who deserved to take His place on that Good Friday. His blood represents to us our inheritance, our mediation, our forgiveness, our freedom, and our longing. What an amazing sacrifice that saved our lives!

The Doctrine of Salvation

Prepare to be awed and humbled yet again today by the amazing wisdom of our God as Pastor Robbie discusses the mind bending truth of The Doctrine of Salvation. Consider this: the salvation of all true believers began before the world was even formed, and God, in his supreme sovereignty, always finishes what He starts! You'll then learn about the Order of Salvation: justification, conversion and sanctification, and you'll once again be blown away by the grace of our glorious God...Learn about God so that you can love Him better!