A Non-Negotiable Authority: Mandatory

So if the Word of God is inspired and inerrant; reliable and trustworthy; if it is sufficient and necessary; if it is superior—well then, we don’t negotiate the Bible with God. This book is mandatory! Therefore, today I see that I must accept the charge; I must preach the word; I must anticipate resistance and I must fulfill my ministry. And the only reason we have a ministry is by God’s grace—and the only way we fulfill it is by God’s grace!

A Life-Changing Authority: Sufficiency

A rejection of Biblical authority is a rejection against the very nature of God. In today’s message we see that submission to the authority of God’s Word is our only hope and greatest protection. The Word of God is a life-changing authority that is sufficient to save and transform my life, because it teaches me, it reproves me, it corrects me and it trains me —there is no authority like it, none!

A Time-Tested Authority: Reliability

People come and go. Governments come and go. Nations come and go. But this remains—the Word of our God will stand forever. In today’s message, we see that the test and proof of God’s Word is its durability, its indestructability and its reliability. And the greatest testimony of the reliability of God’s Word is that the true believer knows that this book is supernatural—it’s alive and active!


A God-Given Authority: Inerrancy

Today we begin a new sermon series called: Because I Said So, and that phrase is a statement of final and complete authority. In this message, we see that in the end, the only One authority that will matter is—HIS! And that authority is: God-breathed, completely true and conviction-producing. It is His authority that anchors us. This is where the Word of God becomes everything to the Church!

The Doctrine of the Word of God

Get ready for life-changing knowledge as we continue our study of glorious doctrine. But why is doctrine so important? Because all Scripture is breathed out by God and it's the Word of God alone that steers us from error, that grows us in sanctification, that renews our minds and points us to a life of fruitfulness and purpose. As we discover the beauty and truth of His Word, we in turn learn that His Word is all we need to satisfy and quench our hunger and thirst. Doctrine... it's where knowledge and love collide!

A Transcultural Authority: Superiority

As Christians, we hold to a Transcultural Authority—that is that the Word of God is superior to the wisdom of men. And there is no issue more prevalent in our culture today, challenging this truth, than the issue of sexuality. So if the Bible is our authority, let’s see what it says about it. In today’s message, we’ll look at God’s design for creation, His decree about sexuality and His desire that the broken be healed—and there is only one who can heal us…and his name is Jesus Christ!