A Heart of Confession

When He shed His perfect blood for us at the cross, the Lamb, our Saviour Jesus Christ paid for our sins once and for all. But that does not mean we do not grieve the Holy Spirit when we sin. In Psalm 51, David cries out to God after he realizes the evil of his transgressions of adultery and murder, and through his sorrow and pain, we see how merciful our Lord is when He is faced with a heart of true confession.

The Doctrine of Sin

Some Christians don't like to talk about sin, but today's message reveals just how important our understanding of how powerfully destructive sin is. The truth is, God hates sin! But because we are descendants of Adam, by our nature, we are sinful in so many ways, by our thoughts and our actions, by our words and by our hidden longings. How do we combat sin? In our idolatrous, selfish society, it can be challenging. There's only one place to look... to Jesus Christ

Happy Are the Unhappy

True blessing comes in a way you would never expect—and never choose. That’s because mourning is the pathway to true blessing. To understand this beatitude, I need a sound theology of mourning: mourning over personal sin and mourning over public sin. And I need a sound theology of comfort. Then together we will see that the power and absolute beauty of the gospel is that only those who mourn will truly receive comfort!