The Cup of Suffering: Cleaning House

Over the next few days, we are going to trace the final week of Jesus' life and ministry on earth, commonly referred to as Passion Week. The cup of suffering in our title refers to the punishment that Jesus is about to undertake on the cross in our place. So that we might live. Today is Monday and Jesus is cleansing the temple of the corruption taking place in it.

Hope, Holiness & Suffering

If you're truly saved in Christ, you already know this: the life of the believer includes suffering. We need to align our expectations with what the Bible actually teaches: if we have worldly expectations, we are guaranteed disappointment. But in Christ, and through the grace of God, we must endure... and then we will be rewarded. The Christian life, Pastor Robbie often says, is not easy—but it is better!

A Letter to the Suffering

Revelation 1:1 says we need to know "the things that must soon take place". In His seven letters to the seven churches, Jesus is preparing us for the end of the world and eternity. Will we listen? In His second letter, to the church in Smyrna, Jesus acknowledges the suffering that Christians must endure, the tests we, as believers, must face—with the knowledge that judgment is indeed coming. It's not easy. There's a cost to following Christ, but there's a greater cost to not following Him. Which will you choose?

Suffering for Dummies

Today we’re looking again at suffering, and specifically how to suffer as God would have us. I so like that series of books with that title, “…for dummies.” Maybe it’s gardening for dummies, bicycling for dummies, or even chess for dummies. Well today we’re going to 1 Peter 4:12-19 and the title of our message is “Suffering for Dummies.”

The Weapon of Suffering

How can suffering be helpful? Aren’t we supposed to avoid suffering at all costs and run from it when it does come? Aren’t we supposed to find the quickest way out? In fact we’re going to see that Suffering rather than being a weapon used against us, can actually be used by us in our lives to grow us. How does that work? 1 Peter 4 explains more. Today, Pastor Robbie walks us through some great truth, so let’s jump into God’s Word today as we look at The Weapon of Suffering…