The Holy Spirit and Regeneration

Continuing our examination into what it means to know the Holy Spirit, today we turn to John 3:1-8. We learn, through the story of Jesus’ encounter with Nicodemus, that only by the Holy Spirit we are granted new spiritual life. We are all born sinners in need of a Saviour, and it is only by the saving grace of the Holy Spirit that we are granted freedom from our bondage. Jesus teaches us that the regenerating action of the Holy Spirit is as sovereign as the wind… and deeply mysterious.

In Step With the Holy Spirit

Today we will learn that the single greatest influence in our lives must be the Holy Spirit. Galations 5 tells us that there is a battle going on inside of us with the Spirit verses the flesh. We must depend on the Spirit, be influenced by the Spirit and submit to the Spirit to help us fight the flesh. The Spirit will produce the fruit in us, which is God working through us.

The Holy Spirit and Sanctification

In this, our continuing study of the Holy Spirit, we learn today that as believers, we simply cannot continue to grow in Jesus Christ apart from the work of the Holy Spirit. The apostle Paul, in Romans 8:13, reiterates that, as Christ followers, we are to die to the flesh and instead, live accordingly to the Spirit of God. In fact, our sanctification is impossible without the Spirit. But, rest easy, loved ones, we are in good hands… we possess the Holy Spirit, our Helper, our Friend.

The Holy Spirit: My Helper

If we are to be Christ followers, we simply cannot live or breathe without His helper, the Holy Spirit. Listen as Pastor Robbie continues an examination into the Holy Spirit and His divine importance. Today, we discuss John 14:16-17 and the Upper Room Discourse, when Jesus explains the role of the Holy Spirit to His disciples. Remember: the Holy Spirit is such a gift, our closest companion, our Helper, our Friend! Recognize Him, rely on Him, revere Him and get ready for Him!

Who Is The Holy Spirit

Today, we begin what we pray will be an exciting, thought-provoking, heart-igniting series on the importance of the powerful doctrine of the Holy Spirit. As the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit is equal to God, as important as Jesus Christ our Saviour, and yet, we tend to undervalue His Person, Presence and Power. The Holy Spirit exists to glorify Christ… how can we surrender ourselves to Him today? Let’s find out!