But For You Who Fear My Name

What does it mean to 'fear the name of the Lord'? In the NIV translation of the bible, the word 'fear' is replaced with 'reverance'. It means standing in awe and worship - in reverance - of the name of the one and only God. Here in Malachi, we are promised that those who fear his name will be treasured and loved by him. The Lord hears and will remember those who esteem his great name. How great is our God!

O Priests, This Command is For You

In today's message, we learn how the priests of Malachi's day had grown half-hearted and negligent in their priestly responsibilities and service. They began to overlook divorce among God's chosen, condoning inappropriate offerings to the Lord and failing to lead the people according to his covenant. The Israelites are called by God to turn from their worldly ways and back to authentic worship.

My God is Awesome

My God is BIG, and when we say BIG, we mean BIG! In today’s passage from Isaiah, we see that our God is so big, so great and so awesome. And what’s so astounding is this same big, wise, all-surpassing, transcendent, pre-eminent, sovereign, holy and great God of infinite worth and glory knows you by name! That’s why we must worship him with our whole lives!

The Heart of Worship

When we are saved, we assume that our worship of the Lord is pure and blameless. But in our continuing study of the life of David, we learn today that even he, a man after God’s own heart, could be presumptuous and careless in his worship. Beware of the warning signs that you may be living a double life in the sight of God! We need a pure heart and clean hands to approach the throne.

Authentic Versus Counterfeit Worship

As we continue our examination of Paul's letter to the Philippians, we are reminded of the need to stay focused on the true gospel of Jesus. Worship is not about doing things in the hope that we will earn acceptance before Jesus. This practice results in counterfeit worship and precludes us from developing an authentic worship of and relationship with Christ. Authentic worship in spirit will only come from a heart that has been changed by grace, and a true understanding all Jesus has done for us,