Big God...little me

My Big God Strengthens Little Me

God is awesome, massive, infinite—and he loves us! In today’s passage from Isaiah, we will see that when it comes to the strength of God in my life, I will be tempted to doubt it, I must know my theology, I must let my weakness become God’s strength, and I must rely on the Lord in order to be renewed. For those who wait on their Lord will keep walking the walk of faith!

My God is Awesome

My God is BIG, and when we say BIG, we mean BIG! In today’s passage from Isaiah, we see that our God is so big, so great and so awesome. And what’s so astounding is this same big, wise, all-surpassing, transcendent, pre-eminent, sovereign, holy and great God of infinite worth and glory knows you by name! That’s why we must worship him with our whole lives!

I am Weak But My God is Strong

Today, we begin a new series called Big God...little me! This study of Isaiah will propel our hearts to a greater view of our God. It's a primer to redirect our minds towards right and godly thinking. So here we come upon chapter 40, when it appears to be doom and gloom for the people of God that hope, encouragement and restoration arrive. 

Flee Fear by Pursuing God

As we ponder the amazing truth that we need not succumb to fear in this life because God always has our back, we also need to remember to replace that fear with an endless pursuit of Him. David's love for the Lord was his one passion, and so his praise of God was on fire. Is your heart on fire for God? Time for a heart check!