Hope and Holiness

The Suitcase of Hope

We are challenged and blessed to continue in our Hope & Holiness series, unpacking and dissecting the incredible epistle of 1 Peter. Today, you'll need to face your own difficult questions about your walk with God. Discover your own truth now, believers—accompanied by the love and grace of Jesus. It's time to ask yourself: Do I live for the here and now? Do I focus mostly on myself? Am I controlling and/or fearful? Am I more disappointed than grateful? And finally, do I lack motivation and hope? Listen and learn...

Hope and Holiness Begins

Welcome to another exciting day as we begin our new series, Hope & Holiness, which delves into the epistle of 1 Peter. In this incredible, urgent letter of encouragement penned through Peter, the Holy Spirit assures us that, despite feeling weak and alone at times, we need never fear nor despair, because our destination always determines our direction. And if our ultimate destination is Heaven, Hope and Holiness, then our end result can only be Glory to God!